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Emerging E-Mail Marketing Trends 2011

Internet marketing is a constantly evolving practice and practitioners are expected to stay on the cutting edge of new developments and shifting trends. E-mail marketing like Internet marketing is constantly evolving and this blog post will discuss emerging trends in e-mail marketing such as social inbox, local marketing, smartphone e-mail design and QR codes.


Social Inbox: E-mail marketing experts predict e-mail will still be supported the same way but will merge with the ad landscape and offer real-time ad serving in the user’s inbox. This means e-mail marketing practitioners will no longer have to worry about inbox “pole position” because they will have the means to control ad space and the dynamics of the e-mail as well as delivering a combination of rich media and functional value. AOL, Facebook as well as other ISPs and email hosts are expected to make the move to a multi-channel inbox in 2011.


Local Marketing: Every Internet marketing practitioner has heard that “local” is the next big thing and e-mail marketing like all facets of Internet marketing will be affected by local. Check-ins via FourSquare, Facebook Places, etc. combined with local services like Groupon are immensely popular and have already caused a shift in e-mail marketing and these services will continue to grow in 2011.


Smartphone Design: Smartphones are also causing major shifts in e-mail marketing as they are expected to outsell PCs and feature phones in 2011. As more individuals are using smartphones as their primary web browser it is important for Internet marketing practitioners to consider design differences. Due to the fact that the distinction between mobile e-mails and traditional e-mails is disappearing e-mail marketing practitioners must alter their e-mail design. E-mail marketing practitioner Chad White suggests: “(1) Email widths need to narrow. We recommend a width of around 600 pixels. (2) Font sizes need to increase so they’re more legible on small screens. And (3) the space between links and the size of buttons need to increase to allow fat fingers to hit links accurately. That will also mean navigation bars with fewer links in them.”

QR Codes: QR codes are another emerging trend, which have a lot of marketing practitioners and consumers curious. A QR code is very similar to a traditional barcode but it contains URLs, contact information, location coordinates or other digital information. QR codes are a great way for marketers to share information with consumers and will most likely continue to grow in popularity in 2011.

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