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Social Media Networking Site’s New Check-In Functionality

Over the past few weeks, there has been a large amount of speculation about Facebook’s location functionality. At least part of this speculation can now end. We now know what Facebook’s plans are in regards to launching their location functionality shortly, because it is right there in their code.

More specifically, it is in the JavaScript on the version of their Web site. This is the mobile vision of the social media networking Web site that is optimized for phones with touchscreens like the Android and the iPhone. Visiting this site using the Safari web browser causes it to just hang and when you enable the debug mode, it is easy to see why.

This touchscreen version of Facebook’s site is trying to populate something called the “places_tab.” However, Facebook has not enabled that yet, so users experience errors. There is much more interesting information if you dig deeper into this JavaScript.

Based on the code, it appears that Facebook is about to launch: A mobile version of the social media networking site using the HTML5 location component to obtain your location information from your mobile phone. Once it obtains your information, you are taken to this new Places area of the Facebook Web site that will presumably have a list of the venues around you. From here you will be given the option to check-in.

Facebook will record not only your longitude and latitude, but it will also record your altitude, speed, heading according to the code and assuming that they can obtain all that information.

Again, this code is found only on the version of the social media networking site right now. This may suggest that Facebook is planning to launch the functionality here first and then they will move it to the native mobile applications. This also means that the location functionality will be on Facebook proper to begin with, which would make sense because only some desktop browsers currently support location. Still one would have to assume that the “places” are will reside on, even if you cannot check-in from a desktop.

This information seems to reinforce reports that surfaced in last weeks AdAge that Facebook was planning to team up with some big brands for location functionality. These brands will most likely be populated, and maybe even highlighted in the new Places tab.


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