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Latest Google Update Lets Users Refine Search Options

Last week, Google announced a new feature that is now available on search engine results pages (SERPs): Search Options. Here’s a screenshot that shows the new options:

KEO Marketing SERP

As you can see, there is now a left-hand navigation bar that allows searchers to narrow their results down by time period, media, related searches and more. This is where all of that hard work in optimizing for Google Universal Search pays off. Your videos, customer reviews, press releases, etc. will show up in just about every results category that Google offers!

Let’s break down each of the categories and explain what they mean:

Searching By Media

• All results.

• Video. Results show videos indexed by Google Video Search, including YouTube.

• Forums. Results show posts made in discussion forums.

• Reviews. Results show pages that contain reviews of products, sites or services.

Searching By Time Period

• Any time. Default search results.

• Recent results. Results show information found in the last few hours.

• Past 24 hours. Results show information found in the past 24 hours.

• Past week. Results show information found in the past week.

• Past year. Results show information found in the past year.

Getting More from Your Search

• Standard results. Results show information in the standard format, including title, meta description (snippet) and URL(s).

• Images from the page. Results show images from each of the URLs listed.

• More text. Results show information in the standard format, adding a longer snippet.

Refining Your Search

• Standard view.

• Related searches. Results add a list of alternate search queries at the top.

• Wonder Wheel. Adds a “wheel” with search terms at the end of each “spoke” so that users can narrow their search according to sub-topic.

• Timeline. Results show publication dates or historical timelines that relate to the search topic.

So what’s next? Shortly after launching this update, Google offered a behind-the-scenes look at the decision-making process they used to arrive at the current version of Search Options. That look, according to blogger Matt McGee, included several search options that aren’t available in the live version of Search Options, including:

• Show results in certain languages

• Show/group results by topic

• Show results on a map

• Group results by people

• Group results “by topic on a map”

• Show page previews of each search result

• Show pages “I’ve seen before” or “I’ve never seen”

We’ll keep you posted as to whether some of the enhancements will become available in the future and how they’ll affect your business.

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