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Color and B2B Web design: How to influence behavior

When designing content marketing, there are a variety of factors that B2B marketers have to consider. What channel will the content be distributed on? Where should inbound marketing opportunities be displayed? What time will delivery occur? The marketing team also has to choose which colors should be used to create content.

Psychology Today shared the results of a consumer research project that found the color of Web design influences viewer behavior (1). The experiment manipulated the background color of a site describing a product. Website users who were shown colors that inspired a sense of warmth and ease searched for information about comfort. Viewers that used a green Web design, however, focused on financial details.

These results have been displayed in similar research conducted by Color Matters (2). Yellow has been found to make people feel optimistic and youthful, red increases energy and blue creates a sense of trust. By publishing materials accompanied by the right color, B2B marketing teams could influence how potential customers absorb information. 

Pamorama, a social media marketing blog, said consistency is the key to color application in company online advertising (3). Colors have been shown to increase brand recognition. A company should have a color, or a pattern of colors, connected to their core message. These hues should be present in every bit of material that makes up an integrated marketing campaign.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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