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Why content management is crucial for social media marketing

Across your business, there is likely a multitude of bits of content that you have used or will integrate into online marketing campaigns. When you approach any project, the planning stage is one of the most important parts, which often means getting organized from the very beginning (1). What can be both a blessing and curse, cloud storage has given companies the ability to create and store massive amounts of data, documents, graphics and many other kinds of content that eventually works its way into digital marketing materials.

Video management
For instance, YouTube is a user-rich platform that gives companies the ability to reach out to roughly 800 million users per month (2). Videos posted to this content sharing site can be targeted to specific clients based on their needs, highlighting solutions to even the most technical problems and demonstrating clear solutions. However, knowing which video to post on YouTube begins with understanding whether the content you developed several marketing campaigns ago will still fit the needs of the specific customer market you're targeting.

Much like any online content, it's important to include carefully researched keywords that will lead anyone conducting online research related to a particular issue to the video. Business owners in need of a tool that will allow them to build their companies and face modern-day issues aren't likely going to be swayed by a video made 10 years ago. Even the most progressive companies need to manage and update content to fit the evolving needs of their customers and prospects. For this reason, you should create a strategy to categorize content and mark items based on their utility (1).

Running an online community
Are you looking to create a LinkedIn Group for your business? In doing so, other companies and clients can have a more direct line of communication with your organization. By engaging business leaders in a discussion online and talking about your products and services, you're essentially taking advantage of free online marketing. What's more, the better information you provide and depth of knowledge available to customers, the greater confidence they will have in reaching out to you to form a business relationship.

The foundation of this, though, is using content marketing resources, such as case studies, white papers and blog posts, in an organized fashion. Remember: A LinkedIn group isn't the place for a hard sell – it's an opportunity to deliver information about your business solutions. By strategizing ahead of time and planning which content will function best for your customers and leads along the sales journey, you may see better return on investment for your online marketing efforts.

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