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How is your brand using social media?

Social media is a great way to form relationships with B2B buyers in the early stages of the sales cycle. Not only can these tools help you raise awareness, but they can also allow you to establish a brand voice that you can apply to other content marketing efforts. In fact, adding a human element to your online marketing initiatives is one of the key benefits of social media, according to Econsultancy. 

While social media is the top activity people are engaging in on the Web, these channels can help you make deeper connections with leads. However, social media strategies should be regularly assessed to ensure they are still on target. Here are some tips  to maximize your social media:

Spring clean your social media profiles
Like many other marketing activities, social media can collect dust over time. Search Engine Watch offered some tips to prepare your profiles for spring. To start, review your previous goals and determine how your profiles are matching up to expectations. Without regular checkups, campaigns can run off the rails and not be in line with your original objectives. Has there been measurable growth in your goals? If not, what would put your efforts back on track?

In addition, this is a good time to evaluate the features of your current profiles. Even if you operate marketing efforts through every platform, it's important to stay consistent across different networks because social media is an extension of your brand. Search Engine Watch noted that the About section on Facebook is often forgotten, and this should be updated whenever anything changes. You can also use these sections to incorporate relevant keywords to boost search engine optimization efforts. 

Are you considering mobile marketing?
It's a mistake to think social media and mobile aren't deeply intertwined. However, both of these tactics can challenge marketers because they are constantly evolving. The most effective marketing strategies for social are never static. According to MarketingProfs, most social platforms have switched over to a paid model in the past few years, which means that organic reach has dropped. As recently as a year ago, half of your audience would see content you posted. Now it's more likely that you will reach 10 percent. Brands may have to utilize some paid social media marketing to continue customer engagement through these networks. 

Mobile videos have experienced a recent surge in popularity, and social media is a highly effective way to promote this content. Facebook and Twitter have recently updated their native video playing through their mobile apps, MarketingProfs said. Videos can lead to higher levels of lead engagement and add to the diversity of your content marketing efforts. 

In fact, social media is becoming more visual overall, ClickZ reported. Images tend to get the most attention on Twitter and Facebook – even in the B2B sector. Buyers are adhering to consumer trends, and they consult several different types of content when making purchase decisions. Visual content also applies to your blog – posts with images are more likely to be shared. If you share visual content through your social profiles, it can be a huge source of referral traffic to your website. Even LinkedIn content can gain a higher number of shares through with a graphic strategy. 

Even though most brands now maintain a social presence, visual content – such as photos, videos and infographics – can ensure your company stands out from competitors. Social media has significantly sped up the pace at which people consume information, and images can convey a message more quickly than a block of text. However, a great deal of consideration needs to go into photos. Irrelevant images can detract from the message of copy included with them. You can boost SEO results and increase social media engagement by including relevant images on each page of your website. This makes your site more shareable. 

Advertise with LinkedIn
LinkedIn is often considered the most effective social network for B2B marketing. The website now offers pay-per-click ads that can help your lead generation efforts at a relatively low cost, according to a separate article from MarketingProfs. The PPC ads are similar to Google Adwords, but they make it easier to target a B2B-specific audience. Again, the image is important when designing these campaigns. Visually appealing, relevant graphics will generate more clicks. 

When you get started with these campaigns, it's important to ensure you have a large audience and can accurately target different customer segments. Like most social media concerns, these ads require regular maintenance. You should eliminate any low-performing ads and optimize campaigns around banners that are achieving the best click-thru rates. LinkedIn's ad platform allows you to rotate all banners evenly or show the top-performing ones most frequently. 

Sheila Kloefkorn

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