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Using Search Engine Optimization to Build your Brand

Search engine optimization (SEO) is an important tactic in website development because it makes a website more visible to search engines which can cause higher ranking in the results pages. SEO can also be used to build your brand image. Here are a few tactics for increasing brand awareness with your SEO programs.

Target a Niche

Niche targeting is all about creating content for a particular audience. Your brand becomes an authority if it commands an audience on a particular subject. A software vendor, for example, could choose to be a review site for the best software solutions for customer service. SEO tactics could target the niche using keywords that are likely to be used in searches such as ‘best CRM software.’ People looking for customer service software would be drawn to the site to read the opinions. Niche targeting increases the visibility of the site and the brand as a whole.

Link building

A site’s page rank increases as more links are made from other sites to that website. Increasing page rank means that other sites have recognized it as a reference site for that particular subject, product or service. Links can be built by writing guest blog posts, writing in forums and making social media posts. Search engines will reward a site for links from sites with high rankings. With a careful link building strategy, your website’s page rank can improve which will put it near the top of the search engine results.

Quality content

In the past, webmasters would stuff a site with keywords and watch as the website’s rankings rose. Search engine algorithms have become smarter and reward quality content rather than quantity of keywords. In fact, plagiarism and shallow content are penalized by the search engines, making the site less visible in search results.

Having engaging content involves a mix of content including blog posts, articles, video, and infographics. Longer articles are more engaging and give more allowance for prudent use of keywords.

Social media sharing

Social media networks’ social engines have become more powerful. Many social media users search directly on social media networks rather than going to a conventional search engine like Google. Bypassing Google means that a webmaster must optimize the website for social media and share content regularly on these networks. Visibility on social media improves social mentions and the brand’s visibility to the social media audience.

Building brand awareness is critical to good business and using a strong SEO program to do so is an important strategy. If you would like to learn more, Contact KEO Marketing or call us at 888-702-0679.


Sheila Kloefkorn

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