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3 B2B marketing strategies using Slideshare

Getting B2B marketing ideas across to prospects is as much science as it is art. Many companies have difficulty promoting their products, services and expertise using online channels, especially in an Internet marketing environment in which there are so many voices competing for attention. This is one of the reasons that SlideShare has become an indispensable resource for B2B marketers reaching out to clients.

The LinkedIn-owned content delivery platform gives you access to a growing number of users, with the majority being business owners and leaders interested in finding consumable information that guides their decision-making. In fact, there are more than 50 million visitors to SlideShare each month, with an accompanying 100 million page views (1). As a result, it's extremely important to make the most of viewers' time when they visit the website or search for a topic using a search engine. Here are a few tips to ensure your SlideShare strategy hits the mark with customers:

  1. Be smart with keywords
    Virtually everything posted online benefits from a targeted approach to using keywords because of the way people use search engines to find information. SlideShare presentations are no different. One of the most basic ways to improve search engine results is by making your decks more relevant to customers is using keywords in the filename itself (2). In most cases, you'll upload a PDF version of your presentation, and integrating keywords or phrases when you name the file can help improve search engine optimization.

    Meanwhile, during the upload process, you have even more chances to increase the likelihood customers will discover your content by integrating keywords in the title, description and tags (3). According to SEO best practices, move your keywords to the front end of each of these different sections to get the best outcomes. It's easy to see how well SlideShare performs in a Google search, which makes a strong keyword strategy all the more important.

  2. Develop engaging visuals and content
    Considering customers and business associates will likely judge a SlideShare by its cover – going against everything you're taught in grade school – it's crucial to invest in strong visual elements that will catch their attention. This includes strategic use of text because, unlike many other kinds of content marketing resources like blogs and white papers, a presentation is designed for brevity. In this case, each slide is a limited space to communicate even the most complex ideas to people who probably aren't looking to spend more than five minutes getting the information they want or need from the slide deck.

    The images you incorporate should not only be colorful but also relevant to your presentation (4). If you're dealing with statistics-laden information, graphs and other visual representations of data can hit home with customers much more readily than text alone. When you do integrate text, it's important for it to be large enough to read quickly so that viewers can get the information the message or data bite without having to read exstensively.

  3. Get interactive
    Is SlideShare an example of pure social media marketing? While it's certainly a great reference for content marketing, slide decks are in a somewhat different category than your run-of-the-mill social network campaign. However, SlideShare presentations can and should be laden with calls-to-action that guide viewers to share content and presentations on the various networks, like Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.

    Another way to get clients and prospects to engage with your SlideShare deck is by using a shortened URL, such as (5). Not only are these easy to set up and tend to get people clicking, but they also can be used for tracking to see how well you generate leads or sustained interest from the presentation.

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