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Why use paid search in B2B marketing?

Paid search can be a smart way for B2B organizations to bolster their online marketing. In fact, it has become an increasingly popular way for companies to optimize lead generation. Compared to 2013, marketers increased spending on paid search by 26 percent in 2014, and there's reason to believe that this number will rise in 2015 (1).

One of the big ways that paid campaigns can benefit organizations is by being a complementary strategy for search engine optimization (2). Especially when a business isn't getting the SEO results it's looking for, paid search, such as pay-per-click ads, can increase the number of impressions and potentially give landing page traffic a boost. The combination of organic and paid search can be a powerful partnership.

At the same time, call tracking reveals that a significant amount of inbound phone leads come from paid search. For instance, 61 percent of third-quarter paid search conversions for Ifbyphone were phone calls (1). Another roughly 40 percent of total paid search conversions resulted in completed Web forms. Accordingly, paid search can be an effective way for companies to accurately attribute leads and conversions, which makes it easier to develop higher-performing campaigns in the future.

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