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Why SEO is so important for mobile search

The mobile device market is thriving, and it's already had a profound influence on online marketing. Google is paying more attention to mobile-optimized website performance, and buyers increasingly turn to their mobile devices to research products and services. But should marketers approach search engine optimization for mobile devices any differently than on desktops?

Out of more than 2 billion impressions between June and August 2014, the No. 1-ranked search result in Google on desktops achieved a 19.3 percent click-thru rate (1). CTRs drop gradually from that point to the 10th spot on the SERP, which rests at 2.2 percent. By comparison, the top-positioned search result on mobile devices had a CTR of nearly 28 percent. The rate dropped precipitously, as the second-highest ranked page earned a 9.2 percent CTR, and the third spot was listed at 3.9 percent.

Businesses looking to optimize SEO for mobile search should recognize the differences in approach compared to desktops. First, content and context are different (2). Keywords for mobile search may be augmented using terms for geo-location, such as "nearby." Customers searching for information using a smartphone will likely prioritize concise content for quick information acquisition, while desktop users likely have more time to invest in thorough research.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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