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Mobile phones become essential for product research

Mobile marketing is making a bigger impact in the professional world than many think. Recently, Director of Local and B2B Markets for Google Sam Sebastian presented a keynote on the evolution of the Mental Model in B2B marketing.

Sebastian introduced the concept of the "First Moment of Truth." Procter & Gamble first used the phrase when it discovered shoppers made up their minds about a product within three to seven seconds – the same concept applies to digital marketing today. The first step in the process is when a stimulus, such as an ad, creates a need for buyers. This promotion guides prospective buyers to enter the First Moment of Truth, where they take action based on the ad. According to Sebastian, the Second Moment of Truth occurs after a buyer has purchased a product or service and he or she is satisfied.

Google wanted to understand what happened during the Zero Moment of Truth – the step between the stimulus and the First Moment of Truth. The company tested a hypothesis about how online marketing has changed the product research process. The report found that 66 percent of people have performed a mobile search after seeing an offline ad, indicating that during the Zero Moment of Truth buyers use their mobile phones to justify their purchases. In fact, buyers used an average of 10.4 research channels in 2011 to support purchase decisions, and the same people spent 17 percent more time with those resources in 2011.

It seems that the more people connect to the web via their mobile phones, the more likely it is for them to use those devices throughout the purchasing process. Check out this short presentation if you want to learn more about the Zero Moment of Truth.

Sheila Kloefkorn

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