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How to develop a mobile marketing strategy

Chances are your business is always looking for ways to improve its mobile marketing strategy. Whether that means utilizing more powerful services in Google AdWords or rebuilding and redirecting your mobile page using responsive Web design, today’s B2B companies need to develop strong mobile advertising strategies to help them reach goals and turn leads into conversions. Here are five steps you should take toward developing a strong mobile marketing strategy:

1. Analyze the audience
According to Marketo, the best ways to analyze your audience for information include conducting interviews, holding focus groups, analyzing purchase lifecycles and developing customer personas (1). For example, conduct the focus groups and interviews back to back to save time for scheduling purposes. It’s also smart to invest in strong analytic software to determine how your digital advertising is performing with consumers. Use this data to analyze their purchase behavior. Lastly, develop a persona for your consumer. Who are they and what do they desire most?

2. Pick a mobile app or website
As stated in Forbes, decide if your brand needs a mobile Web page or a mobile app before purchasing any websites or marketing collateral (2). Consider your audience’s primary usage with other marketing services. For example, if your client relies heavily on Web-based applications to drive business, it’s best to use a mobile website versus a mobile app. However, if the brand in question is an up-and-coming app developer looking for your services, consider using a mobile app to show them your capabilities as a business partner.

3. Make mobile responsiveness a priority
Whether you choose a mobile website or app, it is important for all mobile websites and applications to be compatible across all platforms, according to Entrepreneur (3). People today aren’t just browsing websites on desktops. Smartphones and tablets represent increasingly popular ways to access the Internet, so it’s vital that B2B businesses offer up a website experience that caters to these individuals. In short, your mobile website needs to be able to adapt to whatever type of screen it’s being viewed on. A site that offers up limited functionality or hard-to-read pages is a surefire way to sabotage your marketing efforts. Web design should be fluid, simple and programmed in a way that responds and changes automatically.

4. Focus on offers
If your business has a sales goal specific to a campaign, you should align all elements of the campaign to maximize the offer you are trying to deliver to the audience. For example, a well-designed website that does not lead the viewer to your unique selling point or offer will not prove useful to your end goals. Instead, prioritize your sales offer first and design all other campaign elements around it.

5. Choose specific keywords
If the end goal is to drive consumers to an offer that is specific to a particular industry, make sure all keywords align with this idea. To demonstrate, a financial industry B2B cannot use simple keywords such as “portfolio” without getting mixed in with multimedia art portfolio services in Google. Instead, use longer, industry-specific search queries to help people find you.

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