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Top rate B2B lead generation requires scoring

To effectively route customers to the right contact point in the sales funnel, B2B marketers need to accurately score leads. Roughly 90 percent of leads interact with a single direct touch point – such as a landing page or social media site – when they enter the sales funnel (1). With this in mind, it's incredibly important to get as much data out of each interaction so a marketer can get a clear impression of the potential value each lead has.

But how do most B2B organizations score leads? The majority – 58 percent – actively engage in the practice, but they're largely using a single lead-scoring model to evaluate potential customers (2). With the aim of providing sales team members with leads who are most likely to convert, scoring them based on verifiable behaviors that align with documented benchmarks in the sales funnel is important. However, nearly a quarter of company send all leads to the sales department and allow the team to select which leads are valuable.

What are the most important variables in scoring leads? Most B2B marketers say a submitted Web form is best, while a click-thru on an email is an important metric to score a lead.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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