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The beginner’s guide to lead generation

Lead generation is absolutely essential for all B2Bs. Without attracting the proper leads, a company could end up spending more money than is necessary on inbound marketingmobile advertising, content marketing or general marketing services. A company with a B2B lead generation strategy should find a balance between promotion and showcasing brand personality. A lead generation campaign should also include successful web design, social media and an increased understanding of the audience. Here are three smart ways to get conversions in a B2B setting.

1. Figure out your audience
Understanding your lead generation is not as simple as looking at demographic information and previous sales. According to Crazy Egg, many B2B leads come from sources that deviate from the norm (1). In an infographic from HubSpot, more B2B leads came from “other” sources than from social media, PCC, traditional advertising or SEO (2). This trend means marketers must understand their audiences deeply to target them and generate leads. This could include tactics such as cold calling and email marketing.

2. Use social media sparingly
To generate effective B2B leads, Forbes recommends leveraging social media pages such as a professional networking service to engage with other business professionals (3). Create an effective professional network profile for your organization and publish original content regularly on the page. This will show your consumers you are willing to build relationships and not just make sales. Professional networking websites also offer features like following groups. If the groups you are following and publishing to are not responsive to your content, consider creating your own group and pulling in leads that way.

3. Go to executive events
Whether it’s a professional networking event with other CEOs or a run-in with customers at the local bar, Placester cites executive events and inside sales as the top lead generators for B2B marketers (4). If a customer is confronted in a public setting or through their own inquiry, the lead is more likely to turn into a conversion. Consider local executive events in the area or conferences a company can volunteer to speak at for networking and lead generating opportunities. While there, hand out your business card and offer your business pitch.

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