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Landing page goals are very important in Internet marketing

When it comes to B2B marketing, the landing page is a valuable tool. Buyers will see this page first when they visit a specific site. As a result, marketers need to remember their overall goals in creating the landing page while making the copy. The intent should be very clear from start to finish (1). For example, should business decision-makers be downloading a white paper or other piece of content marketing? Then the copy should zoom in on that white paper and its topics. If the result is to generate interest in a product through a case study, make that the point. Avoid fluff if possible.

A good way of doing this is starting with the goal and working backwards (2). Once the intent of the copy is known, write up the call to action first. Then, work through every objection that a business would have with the CTA. Structure these objections into something that's readable and has a sequential flow that makes sense. Then, top it with the headline having found the benefit of reading what's on the landing page in the first place. By going backwards, a marketer can stay focused on why the landing page is being made in the first place.

1. Seal the Deal: 10 Tips for Writing the Ultimate Landing Page

2. Three Deceptively Simple (but Powerful) Tips for Writing Persuasive Landing Page Copy

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