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How to keep content marketing assets from disappearing

Content is today’s must-have marketing strategy. Unfortunately, it’s not always easy. First you have to create the content and keep it coming. Then there’s the inevitability that a piece won’t perform as well as you hoped. What do you do with old content? Just let it vanish? Since you went through all the time and effort to create these pieces of content, you want to make sure they don’t disappear into the void.

Here are some strategies to continually breathe life into older content assets:

Consider syndication
Syndication is a strategy where you have your articles republished on other sites. Having an article included on a thought leading publication like MarketingProfs, Huffington Post or Business Insider gives your brand greater visibility. You should establish goals that match with your strategy (1). Syndication might not be effective for capturing leads, but it will give you greater brand awareness.

Paid promotions on social
If you have an e​-book or white paper that is particularly important for lead generation, consider using paid posts on Twitter or Facebook. This can give your content reach beyond just your followers and help you target prospects more effectively. In addition, the post won’t disappear as quickly as it would in the real-time environment of the average newsfeed.

Make articles shareable
This doesn’t just mean adding a slew of social share buttons to the top of the page. While this helps, it doesn’t give your content the lasting power it needs. Instead, create your content with future sharing in mind (2). Create articles that are evergreen, rather that those simply based on today’s news. Try interviewing an influencer in your field or creating an infographic.

Reuse content
It’s important to have longform content assets, like e​-books and white papers. It takes a lot of effort to create these, so you don’t want them collecting digital dust. Create shorter blog posts and articles to drive traffic back to these. The articles can be designed around the longer article, highlighting specific points.

The listicle approach
You have the analytics that tell you how your articles are performing. A popular strategy is to create a new article out of the articles that performed well over the course of a year or so. Take the top 10 most popular articles from the past 12 months and use the list to create a brand new piece of content.

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