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Can Google's new survey feature improve online marketing?

Google recently announced it will provide website publishers with a new tool that will not only help monetize online content (1), but also provide benefits for lead generation and building demographic data. Google Consumer Surveys can be applied in the same way that digital newspapers have gated their online contest using pay walls. In this case, however, readers don't have to pay to get access to content, and instead answer survey questions. Site owners can earn 5 cents of each answer, while the survey costs 10 cents to create.

The tool is integrated with Google Adsense and can provide companies with a wealth of information. The surveys can be applied in a variety of contexts. Businesses that want to understand how a specific buyer audience responds to a particular concept or product in development can use the surveys to gather feedback from site visitors (2). Other uses include market trend analysis, brand tracking, customer satisfaction, campaign measurement and marketing design.

Information gleaned from these online surveys can play a significant role in helping B2B organizations identify buyer personas, recognize pain points within a target market and see how well their brand is positioned among competitors. The results can help guide both online marketing and lead generation strategies, while also opening up a new revenue stream.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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