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The best progressive profiling techniques for B2B lead nurturing

B2B lead nurturing is a conversation. B2B marketing teams communicate the advantages their products or services offer and listen as potential customers deliver insight into their needs and buying behaviors. Throughout the process, marketers should exercise progressive profiling, which is the act of asking questions and recording details about leads.

As soon as B2B lead generation campaigns deliver possible clients, the B2B marketing team has to create a profile of the lead in a company software program. Getting information from consumers can be difficult, however. Sometimes leads want to explore inbound marketing materials on their own. How can a company ensure marketing content captures information for progressive profiling?

B2B marketing teams can’t wait to ask crucial questions
Content marketing campaigns should invite viewers to explore materials further. Bombarding audiences with questions could drive potential leads away. Smart Insights reported 95 percent of people who are asked to submit a complicated online form before viewing website materials give up and look elsewhere for information (1)

At the same time, companies can’t wait too long before asking important questions. Dun & Bradstreet, a business data resource, said most B2B buyers usually only visit three or four pieces of online content before contacting a supplier (2). Organizations need to find ways of collecting vital profile statistics on first contact without forcing viewers to pause their activities and submit material.

Let the questions fit the digital advertising channels
Email marketing, web pages and social media accounts all provide opportunities for progressive profiling. VentureBeat said marketers gathering data for B2B lead nurturing should learn how each channel operates and develop best practices for different mediums (3). Here are a few ideas for every platform: [do the ideas in bullet points or tab the paragraphs over]

Recognize what kind of data is valuable – Companies need to collect contact information and level of interest in product and service, but there are many other indicators of possible conversion. Where is the lead located? What is his or her position in a company? What industry does he or she work in?

Use automatic progressive profiling tools – Software tools can help business teams track audiences who click on their digital marketing materials. Automatically capturing page view rates and social media profile information gives companies tons of information they don’t have to directly ask for. VentureBeat also advised tracking what order materials were viewed so businesses know when they have opportunities to ask questions.

Try causal questions – Facebook and Twitter pages allow companies to post fun polls. YouTube videos invite viewers to comment. There are informal opportunities to request participation across new media channels.

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