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Social media data creates accurate B2B customer profiles

B2B marketers can find a lot of information on social media. New media sites like Facebook and Twitter are ripe with potential for customer communication and analysis, but their relatively recent introduction into B2B marketing strategies means there is no standard way to receive an immediate ROI on social media tactics. B2B Marketing Insider said the data social media activity provides can facilitate crucial insight into B2B lead nurturing and directly affect sales (1).

New technology and machine learning tools create increasingly accurate pictures of users who click on different online sites. Tech Insider reported an assistant professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business recently created a tool that can generate a personal profile based solely on Facebook likes (2). By analyzing the statuses, comments, pictures and groups a social media visitor clicks on, the algorithm can predict age, gender, interests and political affiliation. The technology is fairly accurate and it's an amusing indication of how informative social media behavior can be.

A digital marketing agency has tools specifically designed to measure and track users as they interact with a company's social media B2B materials. By working with an experienced partner, a B2B marketing team can focus on materials that prompt sharing, inbound marketing exploration or other positive performance. 

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