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Personalize your B2B marketing content

Getting potential client attention with content marketing can be difficult. Competition is fierce and most companies use the same communication channels to promote their services. How can a company generate materials that capture interest?

One strategy seeing increased popularity is personalized content. The ability to promote materials specifically aimed at target audiences can be a difficult process, but it can generate huge results.

The rise of personal marketing
More companies are using personalized marketing to stand out in a crowded field. Evergage conducted a survey in conjunction with Researchscape International that reported the growing interest in personalization approaches (1).

The survey polled global B2C and B2B marketers and found 9 out of 10 of them were either currently using personalization or were planning to use it in the coming year. Of the respondents, 86 percent of current users saw a lift thanks to the strategy. Personalization lead to increased visitor engagement, improved customer experiences and increased lead generation.

How to collect data
ClickZ suggested there was no way omnichannel marketing can ever become as personalized as one-on-one approaches (2). Businesses are all unique and each potential client has individual needs and desires. By using the data provided by modern intelligence technology, however, a company can narrow the scope of content to appeal to very specific audiences

Marketing should collect data from all customer touch points. First, B2B marketing needs to capture any information garnered from direct interaction with businesses. Companies that reach out for possible partnerships or leads successfully converted to clients generate intelligence on how to approach future prospects with similar needs. Next, a company must record visits or interactions with its owned digital properties. A business should track website traffic and visitor clicks.

Company strategists should gather the material businesses make public such as promotional pages or social media accounts. Companies can partner with other organizations to share customer information. Marketing experts may have other ideas on collecting insight into your audience's preferences and behaviors.

Personalized strategies
B2B Marketing Insider argued "marketing" isn't another word for "sales", it's about building a relationship between businesses (3). Personalized content designed for potential clients should put audience needs first as opposed to aggressively pushing a company's products or services. Once an organization has collected data, it gains insight into customer preferences. 

The Evergage survey found the most popular personalized marketing tools to be inline content and call-outs. Companies have been using similar content delivered through many different channels and provided multiple descriptions for the same product. It's all about giving businesses options on how to interact with content. Visually, a brand consultant, shared other B2B personalization trends (4).

Companies have used targeted messages to get more out of their paid social media ads. By tracking the information users make visible on their LinkedIn and Facebook pages, a marketing campaign can generate banner ads with images and promotions that appeal to a specific group of businesses. B2B marketers have been integrating their CRM software into their promotional campaigns in order to create automated messaging utilizing real time data about customer habits.

More and more companies are conducting business and searching for services on their smartphones and tablets. A company needs to be certain the graphics and images available on its websites can be clearly read on a smaller screen. Many organizations have contacted marketing professional in order to create content personalized for mobile users.

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