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More not always better: Targeting data to B2B content marketing audiences

As more companies employ content marketing to create diverse advertising materials they may run the risk of crowding platforms with irrelevant data. B2B Marketing, a business resource, published the results of an Ersi UK, a software expert, survey that found modern audiences can become overwhelmed by marketing materials when making buying decisions (1).

The Ersi UK report discovered 61 percent of consumers were very concerned by an overabundance of content and sources. The major problem was the amount of modern materials led to 47 percent of respondents frustrated by irrelevant data.

Companies that practice integrated marketing need to create content for each channel they believe will reach audiences. An earlier Content Marketing Institute survey demonstrated as more companies invest in content generation, businesses are six times as likely to find materials effective if they create documented strategies for each activity (2).

For example, if a B2B marketing team wants to create an email marketing campaign, the data included should be designed to speak to email audiences. If the content in social media campaigns includes the exact same data as other channels then there is no reason for audiences to pursue inbound marketing material any further. Plus, constant repetition creates more materials, but not new ideas.

An inbound marketing agency can help businesses analyze channel audience data to see what specific platform users look for. This way, companies can create targeted content without flooding every available outlet with redundant data.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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