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Marketing analytics important for better B2B marketing

With many B2B organizations looking toward 2015 for a clear approach to their marketing strategies, analytics software and technologies will continue to an important component. Predictive analytics allows organizations to more effectively score leads and create an accurate picture of the marketing funnel (1). Using an extensive number of data points and behavioral metrics, B2B marketing professionals can get a better idea of what a particular buyer persona will actually purchase and their value to the company extended over a period of time. This allows companies to prioritize the leads that are likely to bring in greater revenue and stay on as loyal customers.

Marketing analytics like this are expected to continue to be one of the most important tools in B2B marketers’ repertoire. In fact, 82 percent of marketers indicated as much, especially as analytics contributes to creating a more cohesive customer journey (2). Although mobile technology is a major influence on buyers as they interact with brands, just 39 percent of B2B marketers said mobile apps were very important and only 23 percent said they were effective. This may be because the technology hasn’t developed to a point where purchasers are adopting it. Regardless, the key takeaway heading into the new year is marketing analytics are a strong investment as tools to help uncover greater customer insights.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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