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Digital video B2B marketing: Tips and tricks

A B2B company needs to include video in its content marketing strategy. B2B Marketing, an information resource for business promotion plans, reported 92 percent of potential customers watch online videos (1). More importantly, almost half of B2B customers said they watched marketing videos while researching a company's products or services.

Customers like videos because they are engaging. Digital videos are a convenient way of speaking directly to customers and putting a human face on a company. Here are some tips and tricks to keep in mind while creating video B2B content marketing.

Tip: Devote resources to B2B marketing videos
No aspect of a B2B content marketing campaign should be treated like an afterthought. If a company is going to create videos, it will have to devote time, people and resources to their success. Video production may call for a script writer, film crew, animators, actors and editors.

B2B marketers have to also be sure their videos display properly on all platforms. Too many companies neglect mobile marketing performance when designing materials. A video team should contact a digital marketing agency to discover what resources are necessary for video success.

Trick: Integrated marketing allows for recycling
Videos should be part of the overall B2B marketing strategy. Integrated marketing provides ideas across the board for materials.

Business 2 Community advised companies to reuse white​ papers by turning the content into slideshows or video campaigns (2). By presenting the same information in multiple formats, a company can appeal to a wider audience.

Tip: Put employees and customers in content marketing
As stated above, the ability to place people in front of a camera is an important tool for creating a connection with an audience. Businesses can use actors or professional spokesmen (some companies might even use celebrities). A video can gain a lot of traction through a charismatic host.

B2B marketers should also think about putting people who actually use the products and services on camera. Employees can testify referring to their experience. Customers whose pain points were solved through the company's involvement may resonate with a targeted audience. Real people create a sense of transparency that promotes honest communication between business partners.

Trick: Get them to share materials on social media
People like to promote themselves. By placing employees or customers in marketing materials a B2B marketing team gives them motivation to share the content with their network of connections on social media or other online resources.

MarTech Advisor said social media performance can indicate how connected audiences are to materials (3). After the video participants share the content, a B2B marketing agency can analyze performance and indicate which type of videos were most successful.

Tip: Provide valuable content
A B2B marketing video has to be watchable. A company can use humor, emotional appeals or novelty to create an entertaining piece of media that still communicates a company's brand and value. Remember, the longer viewers watch the video, the higher it ranks for search engine optimization.

Instructional videos allow a company to create a piece of content marketing useful to the viewer. B2B marketers can provide insight into certain industry operations or activities and paint their business as a thought leader in the community. The video doesn't have to give away all the company's knowledge, just enough to demonstrate expertise and encourage future visits for more information.

Trick: Use written content for search engine optimization
While the content has to be unique to be engaging, B2B marketers have to be certain it hits all the benchmarks for search engine optimization success. The Content Marketing Institute detailed certain steps all B2B video creators have to take (4).

The title of the video should contain a keyword customers search for. Marketers have to include keyword-rich tags and metadata. If the video is posted on a company's website, it should include a written description. B2B marketers also have to make sure they have an eye-catching thumbnail that displays when the video is searched for.

Tip: Provide inbound marketing links
Measuring the success of B2B video advertisements is sometimes tricky. If the videos acts as part of an integrated marketing campaign, it could be difficult to differentiate which platform provides the greatest B2B lead generation.

Video materials should be part of an inbound marketing path. Written descriptions posted with the video on any platform should include links to company materials. Interactive technology allows a business to post links directly on the media. Digital marketing agencies should analyze each platform's viewer engagement.

Trick: LinkedIn has special features for videos
Certain social media sites allow companies to post videos for specific audiences. said LinkedIn is the perfect site for B2B marketers to display videos to their target customer groups (5).

LinkedIn allows marketers to post videos in specific communities, link the video to the company's profile, share the content with other businesses and encourage viewer comments to gain insight on audience reaction. Targeted materials ensure resources are not wasted on uninterested viewers and should provide more effective B2B lead generation. 

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