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B2B outbound and inbound marketing integration

Inbound marketing is the focus of modern business to business companies. The ability to create materials, online content and search engine optimization that encourages the customer to find the business on his or her own is an effective strategy for low-pressure lead generations.

Business2Community, however, suggested outbound marketing still has its advantages (1). Content that gets the ball rolling on B2B connections can be promotional without seeming pushy. By using new technology, B2B marketing professionals can design outbound content working in conjunction with inbound materials.

Don't rely on old tactics
Ineffective outbound marketing strategies waste resources and annoy potential customs. Marketing Land warned companies against using unfocused tactics like cold calling and spam emails (2). The modern big data world can make outbound content just as personal as inbound.

One problem with outbound marketing is it is harder to track than online inbound materials. Custom software can analyze who visits a website and how viewers interact with various pages and materials. When a company sends out content, it's hard to gauge impressions.

The data collected from inbound tactics should inform outbound strategies. The activities of certain clients as they go about working with a company demonstrates a pattern of behavior that helps B2B marketers create targeted outbound messaging. When launching an email or phone campaign, segmented audiences and focused content built on hard data are better than broad communications.

Outbound and inbound integration
A B2B marketing office needs to put its time and resources to best use. While inbound marketing has proven very effective on its own, it yields best results when integrated with outbound strategies.

Outbound messaging created with data from inbound tracking works as a great first introduction to a company, but it shouldn't stop there. Salesforce indicated too many companies instantly throw leads over to sales when they are not ready for conversion (3). Outbound marketing can encourage lead nurturing. Outgoing communications with leads delivered at regular intervals ensures a company isn't forgotten. A schedule planned around lead performance helps outbound marketers keep dialogue consistent and not overbearing.

Companies with a long sales cycle need multiple marketing strategies to keep different processes running together. B2B marketers working with an inbound marketing agency can decide how outbound strategies would best integrate with their current approach. Utilizing the advantages of every possible tool and practice creates an integrated marketing campaign that keeps a company in the minds of their target audience.

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