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B2B marketing favors predictive analytics (when it’s easy)

A marketing team is always on the lookout for technology that helps turn advertising campaigns into B2B lead generation. Information on audience performance has proven an effective tool in creating content marketing that catches the eye of interested parties.

The most innovative trend is data analysis that doesn’t just describe how B2B buyers performed in the past but can predict their actions in the future. As more companies catch on to the benefits of B2B predictive analytics, they explore methods for making audience forecasting part of marketing campaigns.

The advantages of predictive analytics in B2B marketing
B2B Marketing, a business information resource, shared the results of a Forrester report that demonstrated predictive analytics success in B2B online advertising (1). Eighty-six percent of marketers who participated in the study said they received new opportunities by adopting predictive analysis of data into operations.

The report found predictive analytics could create a better understanding of audience behavior, provide insight into current campaigns and demonstrate where future content would be most effective. Advanced users, those who prioritized the technology, showed the most success in reaching target demographics.

Some businesses, however, still struggle with where to collect data during an audience’s inbound marketing journey. Respondents said they sometimes had trouble locating data visibility of their target markets. Other limitations that prevent companies from embracing predictive analytics include lack of utilization strategy and necessary technology.

New options for predictive content marketing
As digital technology improves, predictive analytics become more feasible for even the smallest companies. Plenty of online content publishers like social media sites provide companies with data they can measure. New marketing strategies offer chances to use this information for projections.

Programmatic buying allows companies to target content to audiences. Marketing Land described the process as real-time bids purchasing publishing space based on specific metrics (2). Once the right consumer visits a site, programmatic publishing displays the most effective advertisement. The machine learning capabilities automatically uses predictive analytics of information to search for audiences. For example, programmatically bought mobile marketing helps find audiences that actually watch digital videos on devices and plans displays around certain times of the day indicating best results.

More publishers offer programmatic options as the technology becomes popular. Companies should investigate any new predictive analysis trend to determine when it would be feasible to explore the benefits of informed advertising. A digital marketing agency can help businesses keep an eye on the future.

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