Be in the Know.

How to plan blog content for better online marketing

Content marketing is an important part of B2B lead generation, and having great blog content is an important part when attracting new potential customers. If companies want to make sure they attract qualified leads and become thought leaders, they should stay up to date on the latest industry information and offer content that will interest target audiences.

Here are three ideas to ensure blog content will stay current and exciting into the future:

1. Do research on social media channels
Social media is a smart place to find patterns and the latest happenings in any particular industry. According to Social Media Examiner, there may be other industry influencers on the Web that may be worth researching to see what kind of content they provide.

2. Relate current stories to personal examples
While industry trends are important to report on, companies will never run out of stories to tell that have to do with their own trials and tribulations they've faced and how they've overcome them. This type of content will make for personalized and intriguing blog content.

3. Ask audiences
Sometimes it's best to turn to the audience to see what they would like to read. Clients are faced with different issues every day, and it might be worth it to ask them what problems they are dealing with and what type of content would be most beneficial for them.

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