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Is Your Website Accessible Anytime, Any Place, On Any Device?

Responsive Web Design

Today, more than 50% of search traffic is from a mobile device and that number is expected to continue to rise. As much as 80% of visitors will leave a site if it doesn’t render well on their smartphone or tablet. Many of those visitors will not come back.

How does your website look and perform on various mobile devices?

What is Mobile Responsive Design?

Mobile responsive design allows your website to adapt to all web enabled devices. Methods of website design & development have evolved significantly over the years. Now it is possible to present a beautiful website that will generate leads and that renders well, no matter what the size of the screen is. Your users will experience a seamless transition between all their devices when exploring your website.

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Why Should My Business Invest In Responsive Web Design?

A mobile responsive website is crucial if you want to remain competitive in today’s fast developing environment. As mobile usage continues to increase, businesses have to be able to adjust to how their prospects and customers are finding and interacting with them. Responsive web design not only allows for a more user friendly experience, but will increase the conversion of visitors to leads.

Be the leader in your industry by taking advantage of these responsive design technologies. It will certainly  put you ahead of the pack with prospects and customers.

5 Strategic Approaches to Website Design and Development for Increased Conversions

2016 has brought with it a host of new website design tips and ideas. However, website designs tend to be similar to fashion trends; they come and they go. Sometimes the designs are dictated by necessity such as the need to address mobile devices, while other times the designs are created by industry needs or web visitor response.


Profiles International

We’ve used their services for 5 years and in that time they have created two large websites for us (including all content), in addition to multiple micro sites. They have kept us on the first page in top search engines.

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