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Boosting Reach, Engagement, and
Sales through Social Media

Learn how one e-commerce company used social media to increase revenue

How can an e-commerce company today drive organic traffic and increase revenues with tight profit margins and a limited budget?

Implement a social media for e-commerce campaign that uses all organic traffic to dramatically boost reach and engagement.

The case study, “Boosting Reach, Engagement, and Sales through Social Media,” explains how one online company,, achieved impressive results.

The Company

Selling pest control products online is an extremely competitive business and ePestSolutions needed to find a way to bring in more qualified traffic that translated into more sales. Ranking for top industry keywords and providing a great user experience to visitors was of the upmost importance.

The Results

KEO Marketing offered ePestSolutions a Facebook marketing campaign to increase their Facebook community (likes, friends of friends, impressions) and social engagement (shares, comments).

The dramatic social media marketing solution included developing and implementing a number of innovative apps that boosted reach and engagement on Facebook. These 5 apps are detailed in the case study, “Boosting Reach, Engagement, and Sales through Social Media,” which you can download today.

About KEO Marketing

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