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Here are four critical factors to look for when you are considering hiring a digital marketing agency.

What to Look for in a Digital Marketing Agency

At first glance, this page may seem a little self-serving but as you read further you will see just how necessary it is. We’ve heard too many horror stories from clients about the experiences they have had with other digital marketing agencies. Even if you don’t end up choosing KEO Marketing as your digital marketing agency, we hope you make the best hiring decision by focusing on the following four considerations:

1. Results

This is the most important hiring criteria. Chances are, you’re going to sit through several sales pitches from many different digital marketing agencies. Sure they can talk the talk, but can they actually deliver results?

How does the digital marketing agency demonstrate the quality of their thinking and expertise before you hire them? Check their websites for marketing case studies or success stories that highlight the results of the campaigns they have already implemented. If they don’t have case studies, just ask for some examples. Better yet, ask to speak to some of their current clients to see how the campaigns are running.


2. Focus & Communication

The best digital marketing agency will work hard to make you feel like you are their only client, even when you are typically one of many. Whether you are outsourcing just one aspect of your digital marketing campaign or hiring an agency to run your entire marketing program, it is important to ensure they are focused on your unique business goals.

Starting with your first meeting, they should spend a significant amount of time asking questions about your company, your business goals and objectives, your marketing goals, what you have accomplished to date, where your gaps are, and so on. This helps the digital marketing agency focus on customized a program that will help you achieve your goals and gives you peace of mind that they know and understand your business well enough to do so.


3. Experience

How much real-world, hands-on digital marketing experience do they actually have? Hopefully they have an online digital marketing portfolio that can provide insight into some of the campaigns they have developed over the course of their tenure.

Look for several years of experience or examples of the work they have accomplished in mobile marketing, display advertising, search engine optimization (SEO), search engine marketing (SEM), content marketing, social media marketing and email marketing, to name a few.


4. Satisfied Clients

A great digital marketing agency will not hesitate to let you contact a handful of their current and/or previous clients. In some cases, they may even have some online reviews or client marketing testimonials that you can peruse as well.

Just like you would with a candidate for an in-house position, you should always check the references of potential agency partners. The extra time could save you from a lot of future headaches.

To summarize, invest the time to carefully examine any digital marketing agency you are considering. A great agency will build a relationship with you in order to help you long-term and because of that you will want to make the right choice. We hope that choice is KEO Marketing.


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