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Website Conversion Tracking: Three Simple Goals To Track

Your company website may receive thousands of visitors per month. While it is great to attract people to your site, you may not be appealing to the visitors that will convert and ultimately become buyers.

Driving more traffic is just one-half of the equation. You also have to track conversions to ensure that the right people are coming to your site, engaging with it, learning about your products and services, and have the potential to convert.

With Google Analytics, you can determine what you are doing correctly, as well as what aspects of your site you need to focus on to drive conversions.

You can do this in three steps:

Establish duration objectives 

Through Google Analytics, you can determine, for example, that users who end up converting spend approximately 15 minutes on your website. Those that visit once and never come back browse your site for less than three minutes.

If you want to see how long people are looking around your site, go into Google Analytics’ custom goal type called “duration.” Input a goal name, choose “visit duration,” and include the details of your goal, which will be the length of their browsing. If users are not staying on your site for a long time, either you are not engaging them, or you are not appealing to the right people. Once you learn what the problem is, you can fix it and start getting the visitors you want.

Set a URL destination 

When a visitor downloads a whitepaper on your website, a “Thank you” page should display. If a visitor fills out a consultation form, a page that notes how long it will take for a sales representative to get in touch should come up next. Tracking the change in these URLs are both conversions and essential steps in the sales pipeline.

To see if your pages are converting, log onto Google Analytics, set a goal for a URL destination, and put in the name of the URL. Then, once you receive feedback, you can improve your website and direct people to convert more often.

Number of pages clicked on 

We also recommend reviewing your pages per visit. When someone clicks on multiple pages, they are engaged with your content and therefore more likely to convert. To set up your goal in Google Analytics, choose one that is custom for Pages/Screens per session. You can input the number of pages it takes to lead to a conversion.

Driving the best traffic possible to your website 

High numbers of visitors are great, but converting them is what matters. Use these tips to track conversions.

To learn more about how to improve conversions on your website, contact KEO Marketing today for a complimentary consultation.

Sheila Kloefkorn

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