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Keep in mind important structural designs for improved search engine marketing

The guidelines that govern how companies engage in search engine optimization involve the use of content, media and keywords. However, there are other considerations that affect how both users and Google itself will appraise a website, so bear them in mind when designing a homepage from scratch or redesigning an existing web presence.

One easy way to instantly improve SEO ranking is by never making any page on a website more than three clicks away from any other one. This lets users quickly navigate from one piece of information to another, but more importantly, it helps the Google bots that determine search results get through more efficiently. An easy way to do this is by putting a link to a sitemap somewhere on every single page. Make sure that the sitemap has a link back to every page and the minimum number of clicks from one to another is now two.

It’s also important to use redirects very wisely, especially if a website’s structure has changed in the past few weeks. One of the most common error codes that page creators use is 404, which simply means that a page has not been found. However, a better choice is 301, which tells Google that a page once existed in that directory but has been permanently moved. This helps to keep a website’s rankings intact during or after significant changes have been made.

Sheila Kloefkorn

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