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Foursquare launches itself into new marketing frontiers

Social media continues to play an essential role in content marketing. Platforms like Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are often used to publish content because these platforms make it easy to share articles with friends. When posts do go viral, and users repost the links on their personal profiles, the potential for lead generation numbers to increase is obvious. While Foursquare works in different ways than the aforementioned networks, its recent redesign makes it more versatile for social media marketing efforts.

The app has been revamped to look cleaner and visually stronger. It features three simple buttons on the bottom of the screen, which will navigate users to Friends, Explore and Profile sections. In addition to looking different, the new application will display more activities such as uploaded photographs, tips and a new "Likes" feature.

The "Likes" come in the form of hearts or broken hearts, and users can assign one or the other to places they've enjoyed and disliked. This provides Foursquare with a more reliable social signal and enables them to aggregate checkin data, which could be used for future recommendations and endorsements.

While the new "Likes" feature is just one of the recent changes made to Foursquare, it has the potential to influence future mobile SEO efforts. Companies with brick-and-mortar locations may want to find ways to improve their Foursquare rankings to see greater success. 

Sheila Kloefkorn

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