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Don’t overthink content creation

Recently, Google warned internet users that it plans to issue an over-optimization penalty, which would penalize websites for posting thin, spammy content. But for many organizations, drawing the link between over-optimized posts and traditional content marketing is difficult. In some cases, search engine optimization (SEO) techniques that were acceptable in the past have been refuted and are now considered spammy.

When implementing an online marketing strategy, it is essential not to overthink content creation. Many professionals stumble when it comes to conceptualizing ideas for blog posts, whitepapers and press releases because they think no one is reading. It is important to narrow down topics and cover important industry trends, ideas, tips and conversational content that readers will find valuable, helpful and insightful. If people weren't paying attention to a blog before, they may start after they notice the newly compiled content.

Effective content curation can be an influential part of lead generation. Online visitors who engage regularly with posts online may be swayed into submitting their contact information to receive supplementary content. Through this relationship, consumers may become loyal followers and purchase products or services while concurrently reading daily blog posts. 

Sheila Kloefkorn (1035 Posts)

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