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Be sure to update your content with big changes coming to Facebook

Social media serves a number of functions for online marketing, and can operate as a portal additional clients might appreciate. However, it is at its most valuable when interacting with search engine optimization efforts. The more pictures, video, links or media shared on a platform such as Facebook, the better the media originator's page ranking will be.

That's why it's important for marketers to be wary of imminent changes to Facebook. The social media giant has announced that starting March 30, 2012, all businesses will need to change from the original page layout to the new timeline style of profile. This might seem like an insignificant alteration, but it could affect online marketers.

For instance, older media and content might become prominent for some time shortly after the switch occurs. The timeline feature lends itself to past searches, and clients might find it interesting or instructive to explore the online activity of a company using this method. Facebook automatically organizes all media and posts in the timeline when the switch is made, so everything a company has done on that platform will be more readily available.

To make this work for an SEO or social media campaign, make sure older media still work and have functioning links back to an official website. If a page has moved in the past few years, the viewing and sharing of past blog posts and videos won't benefit an organization.

Sheila Kloefkorn

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