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Why B2B marketing requires a content strategy

Content has thoroughly taken hold in the B2B marketing world. In fact, 70 percent of content marketers said they're creating more of it than in the previous year (1). In contrast to this situation, just 35 percent of B2B content marketers indicated they have a documented strategy. At the same time, just 21 percent said they're successfully measuring return on investment.

What channels are B2B marketers using? More than 90 percent have integrated social networks into their content marketing strategies, with LinkedIn occupying the top position in terms of usage. Meanwhile, Twitter is the second most leveraged social platform. But marketers continue to be plagued with issues, including creating content people want to read and doing so on a consistent basis.

The response to both of these challenges resides in developing a content strategy and creating a team of individuals who understand not only the sales funnel, but also what type of content should be produced at each step toward conversion (2).

In many cases, the people writing the content for social sites and blogs are those who have other primary responsibilities, such as sales or public relations. These team members need clarity regarding a calendar for publication and content types for each channel. Otherwise, B2B marketers will continue to have trouble generating and nurturing leads.

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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