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Where to focus visuals in social media

Online marketing requires considering social media as a viable platform. However, unlike landing pages, there's less flexibility in producing something that is pleasing to the eye. Many social networks, such as Facebook and LinkedIn, have very little in the way of expressing anything visually. As a consequence, companies have to exhibit some degree of restraint when providing pictures and video. At the same time, imagery of any kind can still have a strong impact on how viewers understand the brand and the products being sold. Striking the right balance in maintaining a low level of high quality visuals is essential in any social media marketing strategy.

Giving them something to look at
When crafting a visual appearance on social media, there are several fixed elements which can provide something appealing to potential buyers. For example, having a unique cover image on sites such as Facebook as well as a background on Twitter, can better project a company brand overall (1). These images can provide something for other businesses to remember, especially if they aren't in the market for the goods and services being provided just yet.

Video footage is always useful, but knowing which ones work is a matter of experimentation. On the most basic level, some testimonial videos demonstrating what a company has done for a specific client is usually a good idea, if only so that it projects something relatable to purchasing managers. Another useful tool that can be implemented through video is how-tos and webinars, giving an in-depth look at the products involved. This allows companies see how and where the product they're interested in fits into their business model overall.

Avoiding sensory overload
While inundating a website with visuals may help bolster SEO , it makes not a great social media page. A company that is smart about visuals on a Facebook page or Twitter feed will know when to display and when to just present text (2). For quick and breaking news, a business can get by with a short text-based message explaining what's happening at the present moment can help direct buyers' attention without them feeling like they're suffering from sensory overload and subsequent content fatigue.

More importantly, it's best to avoid providing visuals for the sake of having them. Making sure videos and photos are relevant for the post can help create a successful social media campaign.

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