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What should you film for content marketing?

Once B2B marketing teams recognize the value of video content, they need to create strategies for video production. Most companies working hard to provide products and services for consumers probably don't have a Hollywood film studio in their basements and can't afford to put celebrities in their content marketing.

The good news is most mobile technologies possess a pretty high-quality camera, or you could buy a professional camera for a fraction of what it used to cost. All B2B marketers have to do is decide what to film. Here are seven video subjects that can promote a B2B brand in a resource effective way:

1. Product demonstrations
Digital advertising provides audiences with a chance to interact with B2B marketing. Unlike physical content, online options allow potential customers to drill down into inbound marketing to find the materials that gives them complete insight into products and services. Videos can show consumers exactly how B2B products work. It's the next best thing to putting solutions in their hands.

Instead of creating a lengthy video that shows all of a product's features, companies may want to create short content that highlights a particular solution to a pain point. Wistia, a video hosting platform, offered data that demonstrated viewer engagement declined as videos got longer (1).

2. Executives
Business 2 Community compiled a variety of industry reports about video content marketing effectiveness (2). The research found 75 percent of executives watch business videos at least once a week. Videos were especially effective for integrated marketing, as executives were more likely to respond to email marketing if it contained a video.

B2B marketers can use their company's executives to communicate directly to audiences at similar levels of management. The heads of a company are great brand ambassadors and may voice the business's mission along with their own narrative.

3. Employees
The employees who help design products or provide services put a human face on a company's offerings. If B2B marketers compile video greetings from various levels of the company, an online advertising message can introduce potential consumers to all the people they will work with.

Partnering with an interactive marketing agency helps companies determine which employees consumers want to hear from. A marketing agency that offers insight into content analysis can help find trends for video creation.

4. Customers
Another way to provide humanized content is to put customers on camera. Audiences relate to businesses who may have similar pain points, work in the same industry or want identical solutions. Consumer referrals often come off as authentic because they have less vested interest in a sale.

B2B Marketers can encourage client participation in video creation by making the process simple. SEO Chicks, a marketing advice blog, said employees should keep cameras handy during interactions with clients (3). Filming a few quick comments can be very beneficial, as compiling testimonials is simple with modern tools.

5. Live events
Trade shows and other public events are great opportunities for filming interactions with consumers and employee actions. Live events are often used for B2B lead generation, and a video booth or other opportunities to turn people into on-camera talent may catch the eye of new audiences.

B2B marketing teams should also film presentations or other public activities performed by company members. Its an opportunity to show company representatives as thought leaders and crowds of people hanging off their words.

6. Social media audiences
Social media allows anyone to film and publish video content. MarketingProfs suggested asking online audiences to film questions, requests or messages to brands (4). It helps B2B marketers generate diverse and authentic online advertising materials. Businesses can encourage video participation by giving away a prize or other incentive for the best content.

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