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What every CEO needs to know about social media marketing

Social media is an important part of every company, as it impacts the internal and external processes of every department. This means that business leaders, especially CEOs, should be integral members of the social media marketing team and learn how to use the different platforms to grow their companies. Aligning the company vision with online promotional strategies is key, and doing so effectively involves the input and decision-making abilities of top leaders. With the social world becoming more complex every day, it's essential that CEOs understand the importance of their voices and are willing to become team players.

Carrying out company vision
In order to have a strong social media strategy, it's important for marketing teams to have a strong vision of what they want to accomplish with their social efforts and define the direction they want to take the company. Finding customers on social platforms is also a necessary step, especially for businesses that are looking to target a niche audience and gain long-term customers. But most of all, the organization needs to have fun with its strategies, explore every avenue possible to promote the brand and find a unique way to take advantage of the possibilities social channels provide.

Impact of CEO participation
Presidents and CEOs can be a part of that process if they invest the time in their companies' online marketing culture. Businesses are increasing their social media budgets this year, and it would be worth the money if leaders are a part of the planning and execution. Plus, CEO interaction on social platforms offers brand transparency and a more compelling experience for followers and supporters. Writing a blog post to share on Facebook or tweeting company news can be beneficial for promotional purposes and really grab readers' attention.

Mashable provided a study by public relations firm Weber Shandwick and KRC Research that showed how CEOs influence their companies' social media marketing programs. The research suggested business leaders take advantage of the tools and resources available to make their efforts successful, create a blog and write content in-house with innovative and professional copy, yet also include a bit of personality. Use the website to spread information to those interested in the industry and become a thought-leader for a more competitive stance in the market.

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