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Use Influencer Marketing to Improve Search Engine Optimization

Jayson DeMers, the founder and CEO of AudienceBloom, said “Influencer marketing is growing in popularity. One of the reasons is because it can have a significant impact on SEO and content marketing.”

There are many ways to drive quality traffic to your website. Although the quantity of channels for traffic has increased in the last few years, the best bet for driving traffic is still organic search. According to more than 50% of all traffic across a number of industries comes from organic searches.

Back in the beginning of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) the main SEO strategy consisted of finding between 5 and 15 keywords most relevant to your business or activity. Your marketing team would then focus on improving their ranking for these keywords and that would hopefully drive traffic to your website. The internet, SEO and searches have changed a lot in the past few years. The strategies that worked in the past do not do so well anymore. Now businesses must find new ways to get their links and content spread throughout important domains and websites.

Reaching out and connecting with key influencers in your industry through influencer marketing can have a very positive effect on SEO. Many businesses have increased their rankings by producing quality content and then seeding that with key influencers rather than investing in costly advertising across 10+ keywords.

According to a study conducted by, the quality and authority of sites that link to you are among the top search engine ranking factors. This means that in order to be ranked highly you will need to earn links from high-authority domains relevant to your site.

Working with influencers is a good way to generate better links from those domains. If you work with influential bloggers or influencers with their own website, it is likely that they have access to your industry’s high-authority sites. When these influencers create content and link to you, this generates a high-quality backlink for your site. Here are three tips to get started:

1. Identify your key market influencers

It is extremely important that you identify people that that are key to your business. Do not focus on all influencers, just those who are having impact in your business and industry. Strive to identify 10 to 20 key influencers relevant to your business to get started.

2. Create engaging content

Create useful and relevant content. Focus on providing value instead of trying to sell your product. Keep it relevant to your business and useful to the influencer and their audience so that they will engage with it and forward it to their network.

3. Focus on building the relationship

Influencer marketing does not happen overnight. Focus on building the relationship to ensure a long-term result in working with them. Start by sharing some of your influencers’ content with your own network. Link to their sites and promote their content. Do not just push your material to them; show them that you want a mutually beneficial relationship.

As you raise awareness about your brand and products through an influencer, you are improving your chances of earning the trust of their existing followers. These followers automatically engage with your brand and create a chain reaction in which they talk about you and share your content. The higher engagement leads to an increase in your website traffic, which search engines take into account when ranking your site.

See Jayson’s post to learn more benefits of influencer marketing on SEO.

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