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Twitter is a hub for B2B marketing

Twitter is a smart online marketing hub, which offers a useful way to build thought leadership and engage with customers. Companies and chief marketing officers use the platform to share articles from publications and other social networks, making Twitter the go-to source for information for many executives (1). This is especially true for content that plays well across devices, like videos, pictures and slide decks. Executives use Twitter as the central channel for their social sharing, cross-posting content from other networks.

Those in the C-suite demonstrate certain preferences regarding the publications they frequently read. When it comes to mainstream publications, CMOs are most likely to share Forbes, The New York Times and Fast Company (2). The top industry media sources are Business Insider, TechCrunch and Mashable. In addition, the overwhelming majority of CMOs' tweets (70 percent) came from an iPhone, while 24 percent occurred an iPad. This suggests they tweet on the go between other activities.

This information can give marketers some insight as to how to better engage executives using social media platforms and what news sources these individuals are most likely to consult on a day-by-day basis.

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