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Top mistakes small business owners make on social media

Social media is a critical component for small B2B. Although the tactics and websites used differ from B2C marketing, social media is necessary for small B2B  to become known. There are many ways to effectively manage accounts for a small business. Some of these include online software that automates social media updates or hiring internal staff to handle various platforms. However, some small companies make errors that harm a company's reputation and chances at success. Avoid these four social media mistakes small-business owners commonly make:

1. Ignoring the community
CNBC reported one of the worst mistakes a brand can make with its social media is failing to listen to its community (1). If a customer has a complaint about a product or service, a brand should reach out to that person with a direct comment. Ask the customer to send their contact information to a corporate email address for follow-up and a sincere apology for the inconvenience. This changes the brand's perception of the company's digital marketing strategy because consumers notice the company cares for them.

2. Overpromotion
A social media account should not exclusively be a sales offer page. According to Forbes, a critical mistake small businesses make is selling too much without providing engaging content (2). Instead of constantly featuring sales, offer useful content such as articles to increase variety. Other inventive content types include video, webinars, infographics, animations and in-depth blog posts.

3. Buying likes or followers
Young businesses want to make their brand seem larger and more important. However, buying likes from fake profiles is detrimental to a brand, according to Entrepreneur (3). These fake likes will not give a business the insight it needs into its target demographic's consumer behaviors. Instead, increase natural engagement with promoted posts targeted at the core demographic.

4. Irregular posting
Adweek said that irregular posting of unengaging content can prove useless to both audiences and brands (4). Types of unengaging content include social media posts that do not prompt users to interact or respond, images or videos that do not ask followers to share or pieces that seem off-strategy and are posted at irregular times. Schedule updates daily at the same time so audiences will know when to expect content from the brand.

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