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Social media segmentation improves marketing strategy

Social media segmentation, or dividing a broad target market into categories, is an effective marketing strategy. A diverse audience is divided based on demographics, behavior and psychology, MarketingProfs reported.Marketers can segment based on geographic location and determine how to effectively reach different audiences. Additionally, B2B marketing professionals can reach a subset of customers who share common needs and priorities. 

Dividing audience by unique subsets improves segmentation process
According to Social Media Examiner, marketers can divide a target audience into unique categories besides traditional demographics. B2B marketers can deliver content to a subset of customers who are passionate about a certain subject. Another creative category includes people who have experienced similar life events. Lastly, marketers can segment based on which products buyers have expressed interest. When customers buy a certain item, marketing directors gain insight into that individual's particular interests and behaviors.

Microsegmentation is integrated into social media
MarketingProfs reported that social media allows marketers to break down the segmentation process. B2B marketing associates can take the process a step further with microsegmenting. 

Before microsegmenting, it is important to monitor social media channels. That way marketers will know what buyers are saying about certain topics, products and services. B2B marketing professionals can distinguish among customers, partners and industry influencers. Setting aside time with those specific communities will allow B2B marketers to understand the individuals' interests. Professionals can observe and absorb these consumers' behaviors.

Facebook improves a B2B company's marketing efforts
B2B marketers can tailor content to each consumer by maintaining one or more Facebook page of Twitter profile. Creating customized social networking pages for each service speaks to an array of buyers. Additionally, Facebook takes segmentation to the next level. B2B marketing professionals can target posts by gender, relationship status, education levels, age, location and language. Marketing associates can ask questions geared toward a specific social media target audience. With these options, companies can play a big role in improving social media interactions.

Part of microsegmenting involves an imaginative mindset. B2B marketing team members can envision certain segments. Instead of just targeting people who express interest in domestic animals, marketers may take it a step further and reach out to individuals who might belong to a specific dog club. By envisioning certain segments, social media marketers can tap into new communities. 

By divvying up individuals into certain categories, it allows B2B marketing employees to target the most profitable and valuable consumers.

Sheila Kloefkorn

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