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Social influencers: Valuable B2B marketing resources

Using social media as part of a B2B marketing strategy is a way for companies to directly engage potential buyers. At the same time, organizations are able to create communities that build a following of like-minded individuals who can meet to discuss common industry issues. The evidence for using social as a way to influence purchasers is seen in the fact that 85 percent of B2B buyers use social media when considering new technologies and services (1).

Instead of looking at social networks as simply an amplifier for content marketing, a community-based approach can bring a more interactive element to a B2B campaign. It's also an effective method for lead generation and nurturing.

Meanwhile, social media influencers are a big reason that businesses should curate communities and seek to integrate trusted industry voices into online conversations. Social influencers be independent, authentic brand marketers for a company (2). Some of these people can be found in academic circles or are dedicated bloggers who are well-versed in a particular industry, and they have the power to impact buyers' perceptions.

In addition to partnering with external social influencers, businesses can leverage the internal subject matter expertise of employees who have active blogs.

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