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How images enhance social media marketing

Visuals should accompany social media posts. Images and infographics capture the essence of a message or brand. A prospective company may resonate with an image more so than a lengthy amount of content. Visuals convey a brand concisely and capture an individual's attention. It only takes a couple seconds for someone to understand an image. 

When companies include images in their social media posts, they are will often receive more retweets, likes, comments, clicks and shares. In fact, Tweets that use are 94 percent more likely to be retweeted, according to MarketingProfs.

However, the photo need to be high quality. A clear image is more likely to evoke an emotional response that convinces someone to learn more about a company's services and products, MarketedProfs reported. Pixilated pictures don't look professional and represent the business poorly. Make sure photos are in a high-resolution format.

High-quality pictures go a long way
Images should be shareable. It may be helpful for a company to skim through their photos with a fine-tooth comb. Selecting from an array of pictures ensures a business is more likely to find a high-quality, effective image. MarketingProfs recommended picking a funny, beautiful, touching or fascinating visual. With emotionally appealing photos, an individual is more likely to share with other colleagues.

Devote some time to assessing which types of visuals receive the best responses. See which images fans shared most frequently. Social media monitoring also help identify which companies are sharing most often. MarketingProfs indicated that those businesses are the best advocates

Before posting, consider which visuals businesses enjoy most. Visuals can showcase a company's culture and attributes, so choose photos that convey a company's true characteristics. Mashable recommended using a variety of images.

Pictures personalize a company
A team picture tells potential customers how a company's employees interact with one another. It demonstrates workers' connection to the company. It adds a human, personal element to the business photo. Buyers are more likely respond to a photo with smiling faces. People can pick up on positive energy, even if it's in a two-dimensional form. When people are proud of where they work, businesses are more likely to buy into their services.  

Product shots give buyers a concrete idea of the the business's offerings. Talking about those services may bore an individual, but an image brings the product to life. An original graphic tells a story. Bright colors in a graphic with large text captures people's attention. 

Action shots take the company by the hand into the scene. These visuals engage companies because they can envision the next moment. One of the best action shots is a moving picture. That's right – a video. Many businesses believe video is must in the content marketing sphere. Collages combine a bunch of photos into one visual, which may give off the look of a moving shot. These visuals tell multiple stories instead at once. A company will want to know more after seeing a spread of images. To create a collage, a business may need to utilize a photo-editing tool.

Don't forget the selfie. Ellen DeGeneres took this photo technique to the Oscar's and the image was retweeted hundreds of times. When companies incorporate photos into their content marketing campaigns, they are more likely to raise brand awareness, increase their customer base and engage with buyers on a personal level.

Sheila Kloefkorn

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