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Half of Web users share photos, videos

Social media shares can be vital lead generation metrics for business to business marketers. And according to new findings from the Pew Research Center's Internet and American Life Project, 54 percent of Internet users have posted original photos or videos on the Web, and 47 percent share visual media they find online.

Photo, Video sharing driven by mobile
Pew based its findings off a survey of 1,000 U.S. adults. The organization discovered the number of people who've reposted conten rose 8 percent compared to similar findings from a survey conducted in 2012. Marketing Land explained the driving force behind this increase is the growing popularity of mobile-focused photo and video apps. Pew found roughly 18 percent of cellphone owners use Instagram.

"Sharing photos and videos online adds texture, play and drama to people's interactions in their social networks," said Maeve Duggan, author of Pew's report on the new findings. "…Mobile connectivity has brought these visuals into countless lives in real-time. This all adds up to a new kind of collective digital scrapbook with fresh forms of storytelling and social bonding."

Younger adults – those ages 18 to 29 – are at the forefront of mobile video and photo sharing. With millennials making up an increasing portion of the B2B buyer population, brands must be able to target them effectively.

Sharing images and video via social media
As social media engagement revolves increasingly around visual stimulation and interactivity, images, videos, graphics and other forms of multimedia content should play a central role in brands' B2B marketing strategies. Here four tips for choosing photos to share on social networks:

  1. Use images to explain complex topics: Business 2 Community recently described how images can be used to clarify information in case studies. Create and share charts and graphics to convey multifaceted issues or data.
  2. Keep small screens in mind: With a significant amount of photo-sharing occurring on mobile devices, it's crucial that photos and graphics brands choose to post are viewable for smartphone owners relying on smaller screens. 
  3. Make it unique and relevant: Just like all writing content, images and videos should differ from competitors and all content that appears in followers' news feeds. Additionally, it's important that photos capture a topic that resonates with the target demographic.
  4. Use words wisely: While a picture may be worth a thousand words, the right caption can help brands better tailor their message. It's a good idea to keep captions and text accompanying images short and bold.
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