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Facebook Exchange helps target more online users

Businesses can increase their online visibility by taking advantage of new marketing strategies like retargeting. According to Webmarketing123's "State of Digital Marketing Report 2012," 90 percent of marketers will increase or maintain spending on search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising and social media marketing over the next year, but retargeting should also be a key campaign strategy moving forward.

Retargeting is a system that allows marketers to show internet users ads based on their previous actions on the web. If a person added a product to their shopping cart on a specific website, and that web page is part of a retargeting network, promotional pieces for the item in the abandoned cart might show up elsewhere on the internet.

Google runs one of the biggest ad retargeting networks, but Facebook opened its own Facebook Exchange (FBX) program last month. This system gives advertisers the ability to promote products to users on the social media platform in a similar way professionals use Google to reach people on the web.

The recent Webmarketing123 report indicates only a quarter of marketers are highly satisfied with the performance of campaigns managed in-house, compared to one-third who work with agencies. A business owner who wants to increase his or her digital marketing efforts should partner with a B2B marketing agency to learn how compelling campaigns can drive lead generation online.

Sheila Kloefkorn

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