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Does B2B marketing work without SlideShare?

B2B marketing requires a solid strategy. With each day, there’s new advice about the ways businesses can best reach out to buyers. However, changing tactics on a daily basis is harmful for companies, especially if they expect to find out what online marketing channels are most worth their time.

Often, marketers can get caught up in the latest and greatest buzz worthy digital tools and forget to take advantage of some of the most time-tested B2B marketing platforms available. SlideShare is sometimes overlooked when companies outline their digital marketing strategy. Not only is it proven to be effective as a form of content marketing for lead generation and nurturing, but it’s also adapting to the changes in buyer and Web user behavior in general.

Why SlideShare is worth the time and effort
There aren’t many websites in the world that will draw as much traffic as SlideShare. On a monthly basis, the site sees 60 million visitors and 3 billion slide views. This is why it’s not surprising that LinkedIn purchased the company in 2012. By combining forces with the most business-focused social network, SlideShare has been able to expand its reach and become more than simply an online forum for Powerpoint presentations.

Although Facebook and Twitter have significantly larger user counts, they are far less effective when appealing to business decision-makers. SlideShare presentations have been known to generate conversion rates as high as 25 percent (1). Compare that number to Pinterest and even LinkedIn, which saw conversation rates of just 1.42 percent and 1.9 percent respectively.

In the race to make the most out of content marketing, SlideShare can give businesses significant traction among buyers. Companies can use the platform to showcase a variety of media, including webinars, sales documents and videos – all of which work in different ways in unique points in the marketing funnel (2).

How does SlideShare work?
It’s not quite a social network and not simply content marketing. Buyers can be drawn to SlideShare content through a variety of channels, including organic search, social media and related SlideShare presentations (3). Accordingly, it’s important to keep search engine optimization best practices in mind when posting content to the site. For instance, keyword strategies used for other types of content are still applicable for SlideShare. Companies should make sure they include relevant terms that business decision-makers would typically use to find information and solutions related to their industry concerns.

At the same time, social networks can grow SlideShare content’s reach. Because presentations are easy to embed and share on multiple kinds of sites, B2B marketers should make sure their content lives on websites like LinkedIn so a wider audience can view it and pass it on. SlideShare does a good job of promoting relevant content on the site’s sidebar when users view a presentation. This is another reason keywords play an important role in posting content on SlideShare. A business owner may be drawn to a presentation related to a pain point but not find an answer to his or her issue. However, this individual will likely go on to view other content that is pertinent to the industry.

SlideShare presentations are extremely adaptable according to the marketing objective. Depending on the resources a business may have, SlideShare gives a company the option of tracking the number of views a particular piece of content gets, which can help identify what is most and least effective.

Another SlideShare benefit – and one that distinguishes it from other social networks – is that there aren’t any membership requirements to access content (4). For instance, many thought leaders hold LinkedIn discussions in private groups, which require “admission.” In a sense, content is gated and exclusive. On the other hand, buyers can simply search on SlideShare for content that’s most attractive according to their business needs and connect.

Making mobile more effective
As the owner of SlideShare, LinkedIn has a hand in guiding the direction of the content sharing platform. The company is putting more resources in courting the mobile crowd, not only in augmenting its own mobile app, but also SlideShare’s on-the-go tool (5). There’s both an Android and iOS version for the app, and it seeks to attract an audience by making content easy to access.

How? Personalized feeds will send viewers presentation and infographics that reflect the preferences and needs of the user. At the same time, people can curate their own content by subscribing to a variety of topics. SlideShare will also have a hand in managing users’ feeds. Presentations that have been shared or liked by others in a person’s network will be funneled to a business decision-maker (6). SlideShare editors will also highlight particularly effective content.

Regardless of the marketing category SlideShare falls into, it’s an indispensable resource in any B2B marketing strategy. Marketers sometimes need a reminder of how effective this tool can be in lead generation and making content more consumable.

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