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Companies that dive right into B2B social media marketing

Some B2B companies are still not sure what to make of social media opportunities. Search Engine Land reported about 90 percent of B2B marketing teams use at least one social media channel. While most companies explore platforms like LinkedIn and Twitter, they have a habit of putting social strategies on the back burner and regurgitating content from old campaigns. 

Clickz shared examples of companies that did just the opposite (2). A recent article highlighted 10 businesses using social media channels creatively and effectively to spread brand impressions and facilitate inbound marketing.

Companies like Novartis and GoToMeeting use social media posts to provide links to fascinating and helpful information. Cisco and Oracle created campaigns around national events that made their business practices seem topical and impactful. Many companies used social media to share content marketing provided by employees in numerous departments. Worker generated photos and videos provide potential partners with a look at the people who would create their products and services.

Each of these examples offer materials created with the central brand in mind, but used features exclusive to the particular publishing channel. Social Media B2B suggested businesses should explore how to use the speed of social media to capitalize on news stories or industry developments and the ease of publishing to let employees share their stories with audiences (3). 

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Sheila Kloefkorn

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