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Adapting within social media

Technically, online social media platforms have existed for quite some time. Yahoo's Geocities was an early incarnation, as was Xanga and then Myspace. When Facebook launched, it was exclusively aimed at college students. In the grand scheme of of Internet history, social media B2B marketing is a new trend.

As a result, companies have spent many years perfecting their online messages. They've been met with varying forms of success and failure, but at this point in 2015, most companies have a firm understanding of their target audience and what type of content should be produced. Companies have adapted to new social trends, as well. For instance, social media is no longer effective if every post is worded the same and contains a link to a blog post. Interaction is key.

Moving forward, social media will continue to change and it will be up to businesses to ensure they are properly informed and ready to hop on the wild ride.

Visually pleasing
According to Hubspot Blogs, marketers who include visuals in social media see a large return on investment (1). This alone can help lead generation pick up more steam if it's lagged lately. Statistically, visuals perform better online than plain text. Approximately 40 percent of people respond better to visual communications, according to a survey conducted by Zabisco. That's only one statistic – across the B2B marketing spectrum, visuals help promote material better. Companies that create just the right image may see large returns.

Low-cost platforms
Twitter and Facebook are easily accessible. For a small business, sending tweets from Twitter's main login page is relatively simple. However, this may be a little more difficult for the companies that run multiple accounts on various social media services.

To solve this, Ron Stein wrote for Florida Trend that low-cost and free social media management tools should be used. Programs and applications such as Hootsuite and SocialOomph are worthy investments, as they can be used for just about every marketing campaign (2). 

Get to know your followers
According to Daniel Kushner of Business 2 Community, B2B marketers must understand their target audience (3). Specific content may resonate strongly and trigger other companies to buy various goods and services. If that is the case, B2B campaigns should focus on that trigger content. Businesses can track this by staying updated on conversations, clicks and comments. It will also help to stay informed of what others are saying about your content. Use any feedback – positive or negative – as constructive criticism to improve future endeavors.

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