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3 tips to optimize video for B2B marketing

Content marketing is a many-headed beast, but few of these appendages are as effective as video. According to a recent comScore study more than 188 million Americans watched roughly 35 billion online ads in December 2013 alone. The two main culprits for drawing in consumers to videos overall were Google Sites – largely derived from YouTube – and Facebook. As far as video ads go, Google still ranked No. 3, while sites such as AOL and Hulu were bigger players in the online video marketing game. Still, B2B marketers are increasingly looking to social networks like Facebook for lead generation, especially after the company changed the Ads API program that will conceivably make it easier for companies to target users based on their behavior, according to Business Insider.

Here are a few tips to make sure your online video marketing will strike the right chord:

1. On Facebook? Make sure visuals are powerful
Despite the fact that you can integrate online advertising videos pretty seamlessly on Facebook, one characteristic that might pose a problem for some is sound, wrote Mashable. Videos will play automatically when users scroll over them, but potential leads won't hear a single word unless they click on the content. For this reason, it's important to make sure the visuals are strong enough to attract a click.

2. Create a narrative, not just a product pitch
In keeping with delivering a strong visual message, you should also work to develop a coherent narrative within the 60-or-so seconds or 5 minutes that are devoted to your online video. Even in a B2B marketing context, your audience will still be a living, breathing human being who's interested in learning about the company as much as the product or service being advertised, ClickZ advised. Although it can be a challenge, weaving your brand message into the particular offering your video highlights is the most effective way to impact prospects and improve lead generation efforts.

3. YouTube user? Get analytical
As with any Internet marketing effort, measuring the outcomes of your strategies is crucial. Thankfully, Google and its video sharing behemoth YouTube give businesses plenty of opportunities to mine for valuable data. Search Engine Watch explained that marketers can do a quick search on YouTube using keywords relevant to your business. From the results, you can develop a list of optimal search terms that you should include in video titles and descriptions that will direct more viewers and leads to your online content. 

Sheila Kloefkorn

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